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(Shaun Donithan | WBTV)CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -

Natalie Earls simply wants her apartment building at Boulevard 98 to be clean, and to smell fresh. Instead, the senior at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte is living in conditions she and other residents believe to be unsanitary.

"There are flies and right here is a banana peel, so of course that’s attracting flies, ants, gnats, " she said. "Now, even when they remove this trash I feel like we’re still going to have a problem. It’s like this entire building is now infested with insects and it smells disgusting."

Earls said the chute inside the trash rooms clogged about a month ago. Instead of trash bags dropping to the compactor on the first floor, the bags are piled up in the trash room, and in at least one case, overflowed into the hallway.

Earls' apartment is on the same floor as the trash in the hallway.

"Not good to have to smell this every time I come outside and every time someone opens the door to my apartment, " she said. "We pay way too much money to live in conditions like this."

Earls said the property's management office knows about the trash problem.

"They said it was being worked on, but they didn’t have an estimated time or day of when it was going to be fixed, " she said.

WBTV asked Charlotte's Code Enforcement office if the trash pile-up is a violation of sanitation laws.

A spokesperson said a city attorney has advised the office that it's a civil matter between renters and property owners. The city's code enforcement office said even though it's a civil matter, if a complaint is filed – inspectors will come out and assess the situation.

The manager at Boulevard 98 refused to answer questions from the WBTV news crew, saying, "We don’t allow news crews on site." But the manager told Earls, "We’re trying to help the trash situation just as quick as possible."

Garbage bags aren't just piled up the trash rooms. On the ground level of the parking deck, several recycling bins are filled with trash overflowing from them. Flies and gnats are all around.

"In each trash room, they were meant for recycling but when it started to overflow, the maintenance people just put in the recycling bins and wheeled it down here and nothing ever happened after that. They’ve been sitting here for probably three-to-four weeks, " Earls said. "I have a dog so I bring her out several times a day. I have to walk pass this every time."

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